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KIBO, experiences difficulties of businesses and employees (Newsis) --2007. 09. 28
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On May 28, KIBO conducted an experience of difficulties in business fields while its 5 employees and executives working together with the workers of Keon Chang IND. co., Ltd. in Busan. On this day, employees of KIBO's Technology Evaluation Department and others worked directly with the workers to experience the manufacturing process of steel making equipment. They heard the difficulties of the company due to the recent rapid rise in raw material prices and the Low Yen. The CEO, Gwon Jaeseok, said, "Thanks to the recent guaranteed funds of KIBO, we have actively overcame the difficult times, which helped us to resolve the management difficulties." and "In the reality of SMEs, it is very important for KIBO to guarantee funds with the respect to their technology. Headquarters director of KIBO, Lee Namhyung, said, "As part of our social contribution activities in connection with technologically innovative companies, we plan to hold this event once a month". And said, “We will be able to help SMEs in their practical needs through the process of visiting SMEs directly and experiencing the difficulties."



[Visiting in the field of technological finance] Keon Chang IND. CO., LTD. (The Korean Economy Daily)

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