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76 Entrepreneurs and 152 Companies in Busan awarded on the 46th Trade Day (Busan Daily)
등록일 2018.11.12  

"CEO of Kean Chang, Kwon, Jaesok, won a presidential award "

On the 46th Trade Day, 152 companies in Busan received awards of Export Tower. In addition, 76 business leaders in Busan won personal awards.

Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction won the 1 Billion USD Export Tower at the ceremony of the 46th Trade Day held on October 30 at the COEX, Seoul, hosted by the Korea International Trade Association. Following this, Tae-Woong received 300 Million Export Tower, and other three companies such as Dae-han Steel, Steel Flower and Dae-kyung T&G, won the 100 Million USD Export Tower.

Staco Co., Ltd. and Yang-bo., Ltd. were honored to award 70 Million USD Export Tower. Six companies such as Sunbo Unitech Co., Ltd., KTE Co., Ltd., Yu-won Industry Co., Ltd., Chung-woo Steel Co., Ltd., Cephas Pipelines Corp., and TY Valve Co., Ltd., won 50 Million USD Export Tower. Pan-Star cruise awarded 20 Million Export Tower. A total of 152 large and small companies in Busan including these companies, won the Export Tower.


In addition, 76 local business leaders that contributed to export promotion received a personal award.

The CEO of Staco, Hong Sun Gyuon, was awarded the Bronze Tower Industrial Medal. Head officer of Tae-woong, Lee, Ki-woo, and CEO of BIPI, Park Dong-heon, won the Iron Tower Industry Medal. Industrial awards were given to four people including CEO of Dae-won, Seo Jin Park, CEO of Steel World, Yoon Myeong-sik, managing director of KTE, Kim Sang Jun, and executive directors of  Hanjin Heavy Industries, Lee Un Kwon. Five business leaders including CEO of Keon Chang IND. Co., LTD,  Kwon, Jaesok, CEO of BTM, Jung Youngsong, head office of Tube PowerTek, Jung Leeseok, CEO of Kuk-dong elecom, and deputy head of Sung-woo Hitech, Kim sunhong. And CEO of, Kim Hyungyum, won the award of the minister of Knowlege Economy.

In case of Gyeongnam Province, Sung-dong Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering first won 1 Billion USD Export Tower in spite of the global shipbuilding recession.

In Ulsan, Hyundai Mi-po Dockyard and Hyundai Sam-ho Heavy Industries were each awarded the 3 billion USD Export Tower. In addition, three companies of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group set a new record for the first time in ship-building industry, surpassing 20 billion USD in total exports.

Written by Jung Sangsub, Lee Sungho, and Whang Sukha· verst@






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