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Business Outline

Steel Making Facilities

We manufacture 600 ton of ladle cars, which are essential equipment for a steel-making process. In addition, we manufacture and supply various equipment used in steel-making processes (Iron-making, steel-making, Casting and Rolling), such as ladle turret, dummy bar car and pinch roll.

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Generation/Environment Equipment and Crane

We manufacture various kinds of generating equipment such as HRSG and dampers and we also produce various cranes such as RTGC, RMQC and container cranes as well as environmental facilities including top and bottom seal valves and conveyors on incinerators by receiving orders from domestic and overseas customers.

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Special Industrial Machinery

We build a launch pad for Korean space launch vehicle II (KSLV-II) manufactured By Korea Aerospace Research Institute.
In addition, our business engages in various fields such as ship-lift and transfer systems, flood gates and special hydraulic device, which is an essential equipment for transporting ships.

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