The right People for Our Company

keon chang

The members of Keonchang shall practice
change and innovation and create a better
future and they shall be as follows.

  • k Knowledge Those who always try to develop themselves in order to acquire knowledge for the proper performance of tasks.
  • e Execution (Performance) Those who take the lead in performance the given tasks with thorough preplanning and sharp insight.
  • o Ownership Mindset Those who actively prepare to challenge the future with a sense of ownership and move toward a bright future.
  • n Networking (Human Networking) Those that can maintain human relations within the organization as well as relationships
    with local communities and partners, based on morality and trust.
  • c creativity Those who can work from a new point of view with a sense of voluntary motivation and critical mind.
  • h harmony Those who are fused into the organization to achieve the company's GOAL.
  • a ability Those who has grown to become a top authority in their field through continuous self-development and has expert
    knowledge and experience in related fields.
  • n novelty those who express their unique personality and can bring fresh and positive energy to the company through innovation.
  • g Genuine Interest Those who study and explore with genuine interest in their supported fields, jobs and related areas.

You could be the key player who moves the world.
Keonchang is a global company leaping toward the global market.