Greetings to Our Valued Customers

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Our company, Keon Chang IND. Co., LTD., pledges to provide the quality and service to move the hearts of customers. We are very glad to welcome you to our website. With the establishment of our company as a parts manufacturing company in 1995, we are now striving to develop our continuous innovation to grow up for the domestic market and Japanese market as well as the world market. Under the mission of "Sincerity", "Diligence", "Responsibility and Duty", and "We can do it!", we have made steady and persistent effort, and now we have the ability to develop into a specialized industrial machinery company, such as power generation & environmental facilities, marine & defense industry, special hydraulic equipment, and a Korean space launch vehicle launcher development, based on the production of steel manufacturing facilities.

We will continue to develop new technologies based on differentiated technology and passion, and we will commit ourselves to become a company that is loved and trusted by our customers, maximizing the value creation of our customers the 'best quality and service". Finally, we promise you to be a company which has the pride of the best technician, a company which constantly thinks the position of customers, and a company that makes more efforts. Please watch the bright future of our company.

Thank you.

회사소개 이미지