corporate sustainability management

Ethical Management

We first practice ethical management

our ethical management is based
on fair and transparent ethical values.

Ethical Charter

We strive to develop into a key player of the market, based on the bond partnership among the members of our company and healthy corporate
culture. We commit ourselves to practicing the upright management based on fair and transparent ethical values. We establish the following ethical charter as a management standard of our company to achieve the common prosperity and interests of our customers and shareholders.

01Customer Satisfaction
We do the best to realize customer satisfaction and to develop our company. We will make every effort to develop our company as well as our employees and executives and partners.
02Trusted Relationship
We value trust between individuals and between organizations. We strive to develop our organizational culture by establishing ethical and lawful rewards that comply with laws and proper customs.
03Upright Management
Transparent Management – We commit ourselves to creating a transparent corporate image by engaging in fair and free competition based on the corporate philosophy of the upright and transparent management.
04Leading Company
We do make every effort to mobilize our individual and organizational capacities to make our company into a leading company taking social responsibilities and leading to common interests.