corporate sustainability management

Safety-based and Eco-Friendly Management

안전환경 경영
We put top priority on
safety and environmental protection

we will do our best to prevent accidents with
a detailed and delicate safety management.

Safety policy

  • · We will pursue humanism based on safety policy and respect for man's life and dignity.
  • · We will comply with safety and environmental laws and regulation of Korea and other related
        nationsand will actively accept stakeholder opinions.
  • · We will comply with safety and health regulations by securing the best technology and will
       actively receive stakeholder opinions.
  • . We will minimize negative impacts on safety, health and the environment, fulfilling social
    and promoting active participation in training of safety and health.
  • . We will develop a new technology for the best management of safety, health and the environment.

We, Keon Chang IND.Co., LTD., have been doing our best to prevent accidents through detailed and delicate safety management while producing and manufacturing various products. We strive to practice the above safety policies based on these "people-centered policies" in order to realize continuous safety management. We disclose these policies to our stakeholders, establishing and implementing safety management goals. Further, we will continuously review the safety management system through periodic review of compliance conditions.